Ruzicka Collection

Ruzicka Collection

Typeface Design
Jesse Ragan

Original Alphabets
Rudolph Ruzicka

Licensing Availability
Contact me to license.

Rudolph Ruzicka’s estate has authorized me to create digital versions of the striking alphabets shown in Ruzicka’s 1968 portfolio Studies in Type Design. I’m delighted to have this opportunity to bring to life more typefaces by one of my favorite designers, and I only hope I can do right by him. Please follow my Ruzicka Revisited blog for more information.

Below: the first typeface in use; samples from Studies in Type Design; ‘g’ before and after digitization; an early design proof for an Italic

Ruzicka pasture
Ruzicka photo array
Ruzicka g comparison rev
Ruzicka font proof